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The ROM comes with a 5 year parts warranty plus an additional conditional 5 years. If after the first year of ownership the ROM owner writes a review of his/her experiences with the ROM, the warranty will be extended for an additional 5 years. You do not need to write a nice testimonial to get the 5 year warranty extension, you can write exactly what you think about the ROM after having owned and used it at least one year. The plain truth is good enough for us.

The ROM warranty is for parts only and extends to commercial use as well, no restrictions. That is very rare in the exercise equipment business where most warranties are restricted to non-commercial use and where commercial use generally is only covered by a 90 day warranty. We currently know of ROM machines that have been in commercial use for over 12 years and have endured over 140,000 uses and are still not in need of repair or overhaul. We have no idea yet how long our ROM machines will last without need of overhaul.

The labor cost is not covered under our warranty, but the ROM is completely user serviceable and the occasional spare part we have had to send out since 1990 has posed absolutely no problem for the owners to replace or have replaced by the nearest bicycle repair service coming to do the job.

The cost per use of our ROM machine is the absolute lowest of ANY major exercise equipment. At 140,000 uses so far, the cost per use has dropped to under 11 cents for that health club and the cost continues to drop the more uses the ROM accumulates in the future.

Please click on this link to get a printable pdf file of the Warranty Form

The warranty form is to be signed and faxed to us prior to shipment by anyone who is ordering a ROM machine for a 30 day trial rental or for the purchase of a ROM machine. Read the warranty and don't laugh too loud because this warranty was created and written in response to the deplorable lawsuit situation in the United States that has run many good small and large companies into bankruptcy and out of business or driven them offshore. You might also read to get a better understanding of what has heavily contributed to the economic decline in the United States and mostly has benefited overseas economies that are eating our lunch now. Do not complain about China and other cheap labor countries, because we are the primary cause of most of our own economic problems.