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Plasma Circulation
  The importance of Capillary Circulation
The Trouble with Experts
  A look at how experts help and hurt society. An interesting analysis.
Los Angeles Times article, June 13, 2005
  Got a minute? Fitness that fits your schedule. Short bursts of intense exercise may be just as effective as longer training sessions.
BBC news story 2005/06/06 10:01:03 GMT
  Experts were mistaken all along. What else is new.
A blog facilitated by ACE, American Council on Exercise
  If it were not so sad, it would be very funny.
A Law of Nature: Universal Demand Law
  A very interesting law of nature. It explains why all things living respond very favorably to varying forms of demands made upon them. This law also explains why all things living respond very disappointingly to most forms of socialism by reducing or eliminating demands made upon them. Well intentioned benevolence of reducing demands on people and other life forms has often very disappointing and unanticipated outcomes.
Another brilliant example of funny emails we get from exercise
  Nate knows everything there is to know about exercise as believed by most
Another gutless piece of Journalism. Reuters Mon. Feb 12, 2007
  Frank Pingue a journalist writing for Reuters bases his whole article again on consulting some random experts
Another ignorant blog we found
  The real problem with all these people is that not one of them ever did use a ROM before having an opinion about it.
Another ROM related expert blog
  Mr.Pfefferkorn has a noble idea but whatever he does, it will not satisfy the
Blog postings about the ROM
  A list of mostly negative blogs about the ROM
Book stirs controversy; Aerobics is a mistake and not good for losing weight
  What we have been telling people since 1990, that aerobic exercise is of very little value and that it is potentially even counter-productive for health.
Consistent Exercise as the Key to Long Term Weight Loss and Health
E-Mail from misinformed and uninformed people.
  Very frequently we get angry e-mails from people who know little or nothing about our ROM machine and have never used a ROM for 4 minutes
Exercise and Health
  The relationship between exercise and general health and fitness
Exercise for back pain - especially lower back pain - core strengthening
Exercise for different age groups
  Comparing 4 minute ROM exercises with impractical conventional exercise.
Fat Loss and H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training).
  ROM High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective for fat loss and muscle gain.
Fatburning and High Intensity exercise (ROM exercise for example)
  Fat burning zone - Why athletes, fitness enthusiasts and slimmers should steer clear of the fat burning zone
For losing weight severe calorie restriction is bad.
  This is what happens to women that lower their calorie intake too much
From the South Beach Heart Program (Arthur Agaston) 2007
  Page 57 deals with Sedentary Lifestyle
Funny emails we receive from time to time.
  Ever since 1990 when we first started manufacturing and selling the ROM machine (the price was $10400 at that time) we have gotten the occasional socialist viewpoint on economics and how much cheaper these people could make and sell the ROM.
How exercise affects Type 2 Diabetes
How To Lose Fat.
  Learn how to lose fat and why losing fat is so difficult and why most methods tried by people are guaranteed to fail.
It's not what we don't know that hurts, it's what we know that ain't so.
  A saying that applies to almost all forms of expertise.
Jim Fiore, another brilliant example of an ignorant
  Another brilliant example of a person having lots of opinions without ever having tried a ROM. They don't have to try the ROM because all their education just tells them that it would be a total waste of their 4 minutes to find out that the ROM cannot possibly do what we claim it does.
Just another "Expert". Duh!
  Shaun is a 26 year old expert. Has never used the ROM. Hence his unintelligent opinion of the ROM.
Just another blog thread we found on the web
  This is the marketing difficulty we have dealt with for over 18 years since1990
Justifying the purchase of a ROM machine
  Some hopefully useful arguments that make economic sense
Legal warnings about the ROM
  This is the Warning sticker we have on our QuickGym ROM machine
Long article full of references supporting high intensity short duration exercise
  From a ROM owner: "Believe it or not, this was the article that pushed me over the edge to order the ROM for the rental period. All references check out (yes, I actually go further to read references cited in articles like this)"
New York Times article
  We have been promoting HIT High Intensity Training with our ROM since 1990 when we started selling the ROM. It took the general media 17 years to finally catch up with this exciting breakthrough in exercise physiology
One Doc's Drug Complaint, an interview published in Discover magazine
  John Abramson is a clinical instructor of primary care at Harvard Medical School
One expert's opinion: Todd Bublitz is one of these
  A series of questions and answers about the QuickGym ROM machine
One Fitness expert that gets it
  Fitness instructor Kelly Knueppel of Kelly's Fitness as a Certified Personal Trainer (IFPA) is an exception to the rule by teaching and practicing in her classes the same principles on which the ROM is based.
Questions from Michael Norris. Not the kind of leading questions we often get from
  Not a testimonial, but genuine good questions that deserved serious answers.
ROM Exercise Machine Review
  Yet another negative review of the QuickGym ROM machine, by someone who has never tried the machine
Sit-Ups are a Waste of Time
  Spot-reducing is a myth
Strange Google Blog-thread about our ROM machine. Copied unedited.
  A lot of negative opinions from people who have never used the ROM and positive ones from ROM owners or people that have used the ROM. Some of these sound like disguised fake promotion for the ROM, but we here at Romfab know nothing about them or their authors.
The "experts" are finally catching on to what we tried to tell them about ROM hiit way back in 1990.
  Another university study on hiit (High intensity interval training).
The Aerobics Craze - A Monumental Mistake by Al Sears, MD
  There is a lot of vested interest keeping the myth of Aerobics alive. I wonder what kind of flack this Al Sears will get from his peers and the whole healthcare industry.
The cause of muscle soreness after exercise
  These are research related findings from several sources
The Myths of Fatloss
  A short primer on the myths surrounding fatloss
Time Cost of Exercise
  Explanation why very short duration exercise succeeds and long duration exercise fails
Time Magazine story 2005-06-06
  Some good and another expert-know-nothing
Treadmills Are Useless.
  Over 92% of people who own treadmills do not use them.
Using oxygen and burning calories AFTER exercise (EPOC)
  Oxygen consumption after low intensity exercise
Washington Post Article April 11, 2006
  One reporter's opinion and of course the obligatory response from Alf Temme
Why diets fail for permanent weight loss.
  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of diet fads, and potions and lotions that promise weight loss. Most of them result in short term weight loss and longterm additional weight gain.
Why Is It So Expensive?
  This is an explanation why the ROM turns out to be the least expensive method of exercise.
Yet another expert, Harriet Hall.
  It is a blog thread found on the internet. Blog thread started Sept.16, 2008