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Julian Sacher - ROM Owner since 2007

July 2nd, 2008

First of all thank you so much for dealing with my little computer glitch on my precious ROM so quickly. If I recall I sent you an email on the 30th of June, you rang me and today my new computer unit arrived along with instructions and a stool to install it! Two minutes later a think new computer whiz kid had the thing installed and working. Considering I normally deal with computer glitches by threatening with a hammer or the dump this was almost as great and experience as buying and receiving my ROM last year.

I have to say that it is the most amazing machine; it does exactly what you say it does. Since beginning to use the ROM last May, I have been able to halve my medication for both High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. It was so surprising not only to me, but my Doctor as well.

Of course the initial ribbing from friends about the price of the machine and then the total disbelief that I was boasting about four minutes was a little hard to accept. The ribbing has now stopped and I now have some friends just popping up to use her. My ROM is a life changer; I am in the new venacualr, exercise impaired, and this is perfect for my problem, it is after all a little hard to look yourself in the eye and say I dont have time for this.

There is one other thing you should be aware of, people who are either very clever, or foolish enough to make the leap of faith and purchase a ROM are not often surprised or shocked by this fact. I was, you not only advertise truthfully about your product, but you stand by it without hesitation. Truly refreshing for a change!

I have now retired, I am fifty eight year old, feeling great, thank you for what you have done for me and my wife.

Best wishes and thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Julian Sacher