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Kent Maurer - QuickGym ROM machine owner since 2006

Dear Sirs,                                                                                                                   12/4/2009


My name is Kent Maurer, I've owned my R.O.M. for three years and wanted share with you how very happy I am with your machine. I live in the very fit town of Park City, Utah and operate my own personal training studio. I've been in the fitness industry for 25 years and when I moved to Park City I new I wanted to do something different then the traditional personal training, with the traditional equipment, I've used in the past. Like I said I've been helping others improve the quality of their life and their performance in athletics for my whole career; I've been:


The fitness director at the Aspen Club, Aspen CO.

Opened the first and very successful personal training studio in Aspen.

Was the Spa Director at the world class Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, AZ.

Went on to be Spa Director at Cal-a-Vie in Vista, California.

Personal Trainer at the unique 'Frogs' gym in Solana Beach CA.

Then opened 'Kent Maurer's Results' personal training studio in Solana Beach, CA.


I've obviously had use of some of the most popular strength and cardiovascular equipment available.


What I have experienced over my career using traditional free weights, machines and cardio equipment was that as my clients aged and continued their active lifestyle my workouts needed to become more and more of a rehab session. I felt like the were taking one step forward then two steps back in their progress.


Fortunately one of my clients brother (who was very fit but had a history of injuries) bought your machine the R.O.M.. I had always been curious after seeing the R.O.M. advertised and was skeptical of a product that claimed so much in a 4 minute workout. I've always been a proponent of short hard burst circuit training and it's effectiveness in sports performance and weight loss. So even though I had 2000 square feet of free weights, machines, cable systems and core equipment, I had to go try this machine I was always curious about. Well, I think you can figure out what happened, I fell in love with it. When using the R.O.M. I feel so good; strong, loose and drenched. I started to go to his house on a regular basis and use his R.O.M. even though I was training my clients the traditional way back at my studio.


Like my clients I personally was constantly stretching and rehabbing exercise related strains and injuries, I was always stiff. I even invested in learning the Egoscue Method of stretching that athletes like Junior Seau were doing in San Diego. It was very time consuming with temporary results. After using the R.O.M. consistently for a few weeks I stopped all the time consuming stretching I was doing, I felt (and still feel) so loose and injury free. The brother (my client), knew I was using his brothers R.O.M., would challenge me in chin-up or dip contests. Which he found out that I was stronger then ever. My hips, that were getting so tight (despite my stretching) from being a college running back, Hollywood stuntman and aggressive skier, and traditional weight training, worried me that I might need hip replacement some day. But thanks to the 

R.O.M.  my hips are extremely healthy now. As most people figure out, tight hips lead to an assortment of problems including knee and back issues. All my issues are gone.


So when I moved back to the mountains, that I love, I new I couldn't use traditional equipment anymore, continuing my life-long passion of helping others, I knew the problems they caused. Now ALL my clients, young and old, are seeing the same benefits that I do: Strength without injury, flexibility and a greater lung capacity. They are taking their skiing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and biking  to a level they have never had, with EVERYONE staying injury free. Your machine works great, people in this town want to be outside and enjoy everything Park City has to offer, so this time efficient workout is a blessing. One of my sayings is "get in, get out, go play" and that's what we do. I offer a workout that now enhances the quality of my clients lives, but doesn't detract from it...or mine.


Thank you so very much for the invention of this machine, it's the best investment I ever made. 


Kent Maurer