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Greg Carter, M.D. - Owner since 2003

Prior to my purchase of the ROM in 2003, I was spending six to eight hours per week working out on a home Bowflex machine and a home elliptical trainer. When I first saw the ad for the ROM, I was of course skeptical that the claims made regarding the effectiveness of a four minute workout could possibly be true. What I realized, though, was that if the claims were in fact true, this machine could save me an incredible amount of time that could be better used for other pursuits.


The ad was credibly written without hype, and the photo of the machine was impressive in terms of the uniqueness of design, and the apparent quality of construction. I read the published research articles and became convinced that the thirty day trial offer was worth pursuing. After convincing my wife that I wasn't crazy, or a sucker, to believe this could possibly be true, I ordered my machine for a thirty day home trial.


The company was extremely helpful in arranging for delivery of the machine to my home and setting it up exactly where I wanted it. The first time I used the machine for a leg and lower body workout, I could barely catch my breath, and my legs felt like jello, despite my diligent use of the Bowflex and elliptical trainer. After a week of use, I realized that I was actually working out harder and more effectively, in a fraction of the time I had been spending on the other machines. My wife tried it and became convinced that the ROM was the real deal also. We sold the other machines and have never looked back!


Three or four times a year we get away on vacation and I am reminded of the value of this remarkable machine as I do time consuming, conventional workouts at the health club or fitness center where we are staying. I am able to spend forty-five minutes lifting weights and running on an elliptical trainer without crashing and burning, even though all I do at home is the ROM four minute work out four to six times per week! This is the ultimate proof that the ROM does indeed accomplish all that the manufacturer claims it will in terms of fitness in just four minutes per day.


If you decide to give it a try, plan on keeping it, since 97% of trials become purchases. Then you can begin using the extra time working or playing at whatever you enjoy. A word to the wise, though - go easy the first time you use it, even if you think you are in good shape already!!


Greg Carter, M.D.