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Michael Lewis Moore - ROM Owner since 2009
October 27th 2009.........
I live in Round Rock, Texas, and I am a 66 year old male weighing 260 'pounds and measure 6'3" tall.  Five weeks ago I bought a ROM machine.  It got delivered to me on the 19th of September, 2009, and I have used it every day except for three days, one of which, I was just too tired, the other two days were traveling days.  My testimony now is that I am a firm believer in the claims made about the ROM machine.  But please understand that I bought the machine believing I could re-sell it for a break-even price or at a small loss if I was not pleased with it.  The non-believers now look awfully silly to me. 
I describe how this thing works to my friends by telling them to go to our nearby city recreation center that has a large heated pool, dive in and swim just as hard as you can for four minutes without stopping and see what it does to you.  Most anyone with any athletic ability has tried to do something like that at one time or another, and they can all relate to the analogy.  The proof is in the pudding; you will be exhausted and gasping for breath and it will feel like every muscle in your body has been pushed to its limit.  That is how I get using this machine.  I now see how my three mile one hour walks in the past are really next to nothing compared to this machine.  
 I am diabetic and in this time I had my blood sugar tested looking back 90 days and compared to the last testing, it dropped 20 points from 145 to 125 average, so that means this machine has elevated my metabolism. That is what I need.  
Do I feel as though I have been in the torture chamber?  Yes.  Especially when I do the lower body workout!   It still kicks my rear, but I am gaining slightly on it. 
 Please feel free to use my name as a testimony.  Michael Lewis Moore