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Jerry Walczak – ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)
This letter is to congratulate you on the excellent product you manufacture. I am referring to the ROM 4 minute exercise machine. I bought your machine and put it in the local YMCA where I work with and have worked with between 250-300 clients ranging in age from 16 to 85 years of age. I have used it with high school students, both male and female, retired people and the local police academy, as well as other serious exercise people. My comments are my professional reaction to my own workouts on the machine and the results I have witnessed with my clients.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jerry Walczak and I'm a retired Athletic Director and Head Coach of a highly successful football program. Our football success was a result of many things but primarily our students were in better physical condition than our opponents. I have always kept current on training methods and research. This keeping current is what led me to travel a few hundred miles to further investigate your ROM Machine. I must admit the 4 minute workout made me skeptical but I didn't want to pass judgment until I had personally experienced the machine.

I am impressed by the adaptability of the machine to every client’s level of fitness. My young, strong football players can get totally 'beat up' by the machine and yet my older female clients can get an excellent challenging workout. I have an 85 year old male who has improved his strength and cardio as well as flexibility. I also work with a number of clients who keep track of all their exercise records and we are finding some amazing results in their aerobic fitness. I am collecting data on all my clients and though it has not been completely organized I am finding that every client is making some progress in Aerobic level, strength, flexibility, and weight loss. I have recommended your machine to many of my professional colleagues because I believe in it!

Thank you for a machine that can be used as a stand alone for the time conscious client or as a piece of the total fitness scheme for the serious exerciser. Finally, I am also impressed with the quality of the product. I wish I could tell you the number of hours this machine has been used without any serious problems or breakdowns.

Jerome Walczak