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Jeff Miller ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)

I just wanted to give you an "update" of my progress on my new ROM Time Machine. By the way, thanks again for discussing my workouts by phone and e-mail too, THAT is great customer service!

Initially, like most folks, I was VERY skeptical of the "supposed" benefits of this machine, especially for the price.  You see, I am 47 years old and have been exercising consistently and playing sports since age 21.  I have been an active and consistent runner, walker, power walker,  but only a sometimes circuit weight machine user and free weight lifter and a sometimes "sit-ups/push-up/pull-up exerciser". 

Unfortunately, over the years I have encountered various injuries from the various exercises that have often "sidelined" me to only or mostly just aerobic exercise.  As a result, for the past few years, I've had a decrease in strength, body mass and weight (unfortunately, lean weight).

I began using the ROM machine, EXACTLY as instructed, for an almost "maximum effort" 4 minute exercise on the "General Workout" setting starting at setting #2 on the flywheel beginning on 5/13 and through today(6/23) I have used the machine 38 times.  I have consistently been increasing resistance every 2-4 uses and have been using the "Muscular Workout" setting since my 29th exercise (beginning of month #2) and am now at setting #6 on the flywheel. During that time I have been able to consistently "pull" scores on the ROM from  the 112% - 122% and 86 - 89 RPM. All the while still increasing the resistance settings! 

In addition, I now "only" run 3 days a week vice running 5 or 6 days before owning the ROM (with about 30-60 minutes LESS running per week than before using the ROM) but, my runs have increased in time/distance/speed/ to: two "one hour duration runs with hills" and another "30 minute flat run" per week. I have already gained approximately 2 lbs of "lean mass" in just five weeks, maintaining the same percentage of body fat (with a much increased appetite mind you!) and lost about 1/4" around my waist. 

I can already tell you without a doubt my strength, flexibility and balance (the three MAIN reasons I purchased the machine) have improved. In addition, my runs are faster and more pleasurable with less muscle soreness. Yet, I've been able to cut down significantly the time I spend exercising overall and maximize the intensity of all my workouts. I'm really looking forward to the time where I can "only" pull 100% + scores, (I'm still increasing resistance as instructed when "pulling" two consecutive scores over 115%) and perhaps begin the special workouts or, if instructed maybe add a minute in duration to my existing workouts. 

Nobody believes the benefits came from just the added 24 minutes a week of the ROM machine!  Oh well, you can't convince all the people all the time!  To be 47 years old, 5' 9 3/4" tall, 145~ lbs, have a 30 1/2" waist, less than 16% body fat, still able to "bench my weight" and "run a 5:30 mile", ALL that couldn't happen without a COMPLETE workout like the ROM gives me.  More than that, it gives me the time to write this e-mail to you!

Jeff Miller