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Alberto de Leon Herrera Monterrey N.L. Mexico ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)

Dear Alf Temme,

I own a ROM machine since April 2007. I've been using it now almost every day for a year since I got it (except for a few days when I travel). I'm extremely satisfied with the results. I have recommended it to everyone I know, but I realize how hard it is to convince some people... I've heard all the usual arguments: "you just can't get a workout in 4 minutes", "you can't bring up a sweat in such short time", "it's way too expensive", "it goes against all common knowledge", etc, etc. It's like they think that you're just rocking on an expensive chair for 4 minutes. A couple of friends have tried mine, and (when they are able to speak after some hard breathing) they are convinced. It's no picnic at all when follow the instructions and you do it as hard as you can for the full 4 minutes.

My legs, arms, back, shoulders, etc., feel, look, and perform much better than they ever had. I am much healthier and stronger. At my 50 years of age that's something I thought was going to be hard to accomplish. I can lift heavy objects which I couldn't lift before. When I climb steps, I do it in 3 by 3 very easily. I now put on my socks and shoes without sitting, just like you mentioned in your video. Now my friends have started to ask me more about my ROM now that they have seen the improvements on me. I feel very good about how I look and how my body performs now, and I know it's going to get better in years to come.

During the first 45 days of use I reduced about an inch from my waist. My muscle mass went up, and my fat percentage went down. My blood pressure went back to normal, (I had high blood pressure and I was taking medication for it, I no longer need it). My aerobic condition definitely improved. I dropped 7 minutes from my usual 4 mile run.

In the past, I joined several gyms only to feel guilty because I spent the money and didn't work out that much. I have owned several exercise equipment in the past: Soloflex, Nordiflex, Nordictrack, steppers, etc. I did used them for a while and stopped using them for one excuse or another. For me it is nearly impossible to come up with an excuse not to use my ROM every day.

I highly recommend it to anyone. Many thanks for an exceptional product and service!

Alberto de Leon
Herrera Monterrey N.L. Mexico