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Bernie Sohn Ė ROM Owner Since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)
I purchased the machine on or about March 4 2005. Actually that was when it was delivered to my home. Almost a year and a half has gone by since that time. I think in the info pack that I received prior to purchasing the ROM it stated that even with the fact it only takes four minute a day there are still some folks that donít have or choose to take the time to use it. I am not one of those people. I have faithfully used it every day unless, of course, I haven't been home. Unfortunately I canít ship it to where I am on occasion. That being said it has lived up to all my expectations and then a few.

During the first year I used it at the four minute suggested time frame. Increased that to five minutes this year. My results have been nothing but spectacular. I have dropped almost 60 pounds of body weight. Yes, I have watched my food intake but not to the extent that I would consider myself to be on a diet. Smart eating is just part of an over all change in my eating habits. The machine continues to be a challenge everyday.

I had the opportunity to go to a wedding over the weekend and see numerous people that hadnít seen me in over a year and the compliments I got about my appearance were worth every minute of the time I spent working out. The best part for me is that I have finally found something that I can do for the rest of my life. Over the years I have done everything from circuit training to actual weightlifting, and always failed because after a while it didnít FIT into my schedule or it got boring. I did have a bunch of people scoff at the concept of doing JUST a four minute exercise. Well, they aren't scoffing any more. Whenever someone wants to know how I've accomplished the change in me I tell them about the ROM miracle.

There is one more detail I want to share with you and hopefully others out there. Last year around the holiday's I had to go and have X-rays done of my right knee. The comment that my orthopedic surgeon made to me was ďmost people with a knee as bad as yours are coming to me for knee replacement surgery". As you can well imagine there is not a lot of cartilage left in my knee. Even with that pronouncement I have continued to use the machine everyday. The fact that there is no jarring what so ever in the basic movement has allowed me to work my lower body every other day with no adverse results. Quite to the contrary my leg muscles have gotten so much stronger that today I actually have less pain and discomfort then when I first began. It is a real tribute to the designer of this machine that with my situation I'm still able to workout daily with no adverse results.

For all the naysayers out there I am living proof that not only does this machine do what it says it does, but it does it in the most simple way. Four minutes is not then end of the world, it is actually the beginning. Using this machine as prescribed has allowed me to have the type of body that Iíve wanted for 30 years. I couldn't be happier. For anyone that is contemplating purchasing this machine, think of it as an investment for yourself you won't be disappointed.

Thanks again and feel free to post this as a letter from a most thankful and grateful client.

Bernie W. Sohn