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Gregg Pesciotta ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)

We, my wife, Mary, and I, just completed our one year anniversary from the purchase of our ROM. We both just turned 50 years old. My wife wanted the ROM to enhance her health benefits in the shortest amount of time, promising that she would use it regularly, as it "was only four minutes ". Prior thereto, Mary was not a regular exerciser. In the end she used it about 235 times, and myself about 300.

Mary has bad knees and complains that the leg workout, even on the easiest setting, is too hard on her. I push her to continue because I see the value in it. While she recognizes this, she just doesn't have the drive.

I, on the other hand, truly enjoy working out. I play basketball twice a week. and usually go for a run in addition. Prior to purchasing the ROM, I had a fairly intensive one hour overall weight training program which I did once a week. The ROM enabled me to eliminate this workout completely. I feel that I have benefited from this change, especially in my legs. I can now easily squat to the floor, whereas prior to the ROM I was very shaky in this area. Often times before the ROM I would miss my weight program and thus only do it once every two weeks. I can easily keep up on the ROM because of the time savings.

When I first started using the ROM I was exceeding the 120% effort rating at the maximum weight setting for both upper and lower workouts. You sent me an extra plate to attach to the flywheel. This has worked out well. I still do both upper and lower workouts at the maximum setting and have consistently averaged around 95% for the upper body workout and 100% for the lower. I also regularly do the extra exercises for the calves and obliques. The only suggestion we both have would be the addition of a timer, as we don't like watching the clock and it would be helpful to have an audible signal when the workout is complete. Other than that, it's a great machine and I would highly recommend it to anyone that could afford it.

I still play basketball and run and am hopeful that with the ROM I will be able to continue to do so for at least another ten years.

Gregg Pesciotta