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Chuck Chapanian Ė ROM Owner Since 2003 (Click on this to read full story)

Iíve got to tell you that I love my Rom machine. I have definitely lost some inches (especially in my stomach) and have noticed other significant differences since my ROM machine was delivered only 5 weeks ago.

Iím regaining strength, flexibility and balance that I havenít seen for years. I can squat down and stand back up without holding onto or pushing off of anything. For the first time in years I can put on my pants without holding on to anything. I havenít been able to touch my fingers behind my back for at least 15 years. Now I can link my fingers (at the first knuckle) behind my back. When I got for a walk, I now breeze up a hill the used to practically kill me only a few weeks before.

The machine is so simple to use and being able to get a complete workout in only 4 minutes makes it almost criminal not to use it. I set the weight at 200lbs at fitness level 1 on the aerobic scale. At the start I could only achieve about 60% of the paced workout. I can now do the workout at 100% on both the upper body and lower body stations. I use the ROM machine 5 days a week and use it to stretch for a minute at each of the 2 stations every day. Iíll be ramping the workout difficulty up in a couple of weeks.

In addition my son and wife use the machine every day 5 days a week. In spite of the fact that they were in pretty good shape to start with, they too are seeing noticeable differences in strength, flexibility and stamina.

Iíve got to say that this ROM machine is great and life changing! I wish Iíd bought one 10 years ago. I definitely wouldnít have been in such poor shape nor would I have gained a couple hundred unwanted pounds. I would have been able to be physically active and would have enjoyed my family and my life much more. I canít wait to see the results a year from now.

Chuck Chapanian