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Phil McCarroll ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)

Im heading off to Niseko in Japan to ski on the 6th so I thought Id give you some feedback on the Mighty ROM. Ive been into fitness all my life having trained in the Japanese Martial Art of Karate for many years, run, cycled, played squash and done weights so although I hoped the ROM would deliver what you promised I must admit that there was still some scepticism, as I waited for it to be delivered to Australia and I discussed the concept of the machine with my fellow fitness fanatics.

Well that scepticism has been blown away already in the 1st month. I have been recovering from a crash off my bicycle that caused a shattered collarbone, 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung so at my age, 58, you lose muscle tone and fitness very quickly and it is difficult to regain. The ROM has had a significant impact very quickly with muscle tone returning, fitness levels soaring and losing already 2 inches off my waist. My partner, Sheridan, is a keen runner and is in training for a 46 kilometre bush run but she has always struggled with the steep hills you encounter on the fire trails. Yesterday she did a 22 kilometre run in preparation and came home praising the ROM as for the first time she felt strong climbing the steep steps on the trail she runs.

Being people who are so used to spending an hour and half in the gym, running or cycling we now have all this spare time, it is great!!! When Ive had early business meetings in town Ive still been able to have my workout and feel great for the day. Thank you for your genius that has conceived this outstanding fitness machine not to mention the benefits of the stretching that each exercise gives your muscles.

If you want someone to distribute and promote the ROM Machine in Australia/NZ let me know, Im a convert. The only problem is I should have bought it in 1994 when I first saw it in Hawaii at Anthony Robbins Life Mastery, still better late then never. I wish I could take it skiing with me!!!

Warm regards
Phil McCarroll