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Jim Hunt ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)
Three cheers for a job well done. Your concept is out of the box for sure in price and the four minute workout.

I have used the Range of Motion equipment for just over a year and have appreciated and respected your concept. The equipment is sturdy and I trust it will function for me all my life and I will pass it on to my children.

I have always exercised by running, walking, swimming, lifting weights, tennis or biking. With the ROM it's the POWER of only four (4) minutes a day and the benefits of everyday doing it that make it the exceptional strength builder. The true POWER is doing it everyday and over time it will increase the health and strength of anyone. It increases the Oxygen to the body, Muscle tone and more flexibility to the entire body.

This year I will be 69 years of age and plan to use this through the years the rest of my life. Enclosed you will find copies of my daily workouts. Besides using the ROM I also do 300 crunches daily for the gut and knees to the chest daily for the back and walk, bike or swim for an hour a day.

We have had a difficult year. My wife and Mother of our eight children was found to have cancer in January of 07. We chose to travel to an alternative Hospital in Mexico. You will notice we were away from home and the ROM for a number of days in 07 and 08.

When I started using the ROM I weighed 191.5 pounds with a 36.5" waist. For 30 years I have wanted to lose about 20 pounds but never succeeded. I now weigh 173 pounds and all my pants are 34".

I believe your ROM is the major reason for these good results. Diet is essential as you know. Fresh fruits, Fresh Vegetables and daily exercise are the key.

God Bless!
Jim Hunt