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Blake McMahon ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)

I am a 56 yr. old father of two children who are being home-schooled by their mother, except I'm their P.E. teacher. My 12 yr. old son and I did the gym-thing for a year, and it wore us out... not the exercise, but the time & effort to get there, change, wait for machines, and then change again before driving back home altogether about 2 hours. My 9 yr. old daughter couldn't even go, as she was too young for the facility, so she stayed home with her mother.

Now, with the ROM, we all get an incredible workout in... you guessed it ... 4 minutes!

After only a few months, Michael now has much better posture (The gym hadn't helped him in this regard at all.), plus he's so strong he now sinks baskets from the same distance as adults.

Mia (who's technically too small for the ROM, but she just puts a pad behind her back) now rides her bike up long hills without stopping, and has gotten quite a bit more daring in her physical endeavors.

My wife, Li-Li (Bless her heart, after all she let me purchase the ROM.), who had never exercised in her life, now has her much-needed energy and has even improved her already-great figure.

As for me, let's just say that I had allowed myself too many "treats". My body would often hurt after activities that never used to bother me. The ROM has allowed me to reverse that trend. I literally have a new life in front of me. I can now keep up with my children all day long, no matter what we do; and I can throw Mia much higher out of the water in the pool.

After a treadmill stress test at my doctor's office a couple of months ago, the nurse remarked how quickly my heart rate fell back to normal, and that I must have been exercising aerobically. I just nodded my head in agreement, as she shared how she runs for hours a week, knowing she'd never believe me. Lastly, I want to say thank you, not only for producing the ROM, but also for your extreme customer service. Your team has always taken the time to answer all of my questions completely and honestly. All of the special requests that I made were met with a professional "can-do" attitude. In short, your company is the best that I have ever worked with...

My highest regards...
Blake McMahon