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Jon & Barbara Chapman ROM Owners Since 2001 (Click on this to read full story)
Good to talk with you today. Appreciate the advice on how to move and care for our machine. It's still indistinguishable from new, even after over two years of regular exercise.
As we discussed, my wife and I both use the ROM 3 to 5 times per week on average and really appreciate what amazing results it produces in such minimal time. We find that four minutes is so short, there's no way we can rationalize foregoing it, so we do it, no matter how lazy we feel or how pressed for time. What Alf said when we bought it really applies to us: the best exercise is that which you will do (or something like that).
How do I know I've improved? I was amazed to see my VO2 uptake increase a few points since I've owned it, as measured by the stress test at my bi-annual physicals at Centinella. My scores are now up there with stats they have for firemen! And with age they expected my scores to go down, not up. I also have scoliosis and am glad to report that the strengthening of my back muscles has helped correct my curvature from 18 degrees deviation down to 15 during the same period. My specialist was surprised because he says the best he usually hopes for is to stop further degradation, not improvement. The most telling is when I mountain bike steep paths after months without riding, I keep pace with the guys who go out several times a week. They're shocked when they hear what I do, and frankly, they don't believe me. They insist I must be doing more. I'm pretty confident this is all attributable to the ROM because I stopped most everything else when I bought the machine, partly as a control to evaluate it, and partly, with two new kids, to gain back precious time.
Barbara also uses it, although she paused during a few months of each pregnancy. She's about to resume now that our latest is sleeping through the night. It does nice things for her figure, and I'm sure inside things I can't see like her cardio fitness.
As you can tell, we're very happy with the machine and expect to grow old with it. Appreciate the opportunity to extend the warranty, even though it hardly seems necessary given the NASA-quality components.
Please say hello to Alf for us.
Thanks again for an excellent product backed by apparently very committed and reasonable folks.
Jon & Barbara Chapman