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Terry L. Alverson ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)
My wife and I were both somewhat skeptical regarding the "noted" benefits of the ROM.  She looked at me like this was another one of my gadgets.  She agreed to let me get the ROM on a trial basis.  Our roles reversed almost immediately.  After using the ROM for approximately a week she fell in love with the upper body workout.  She is a spinning instructor so her legs are in good shape.  She noticed that she was gaining strength and firming up. 

I like the leg workout due to having a hip replacement and knee replacement.  After I was able to slowly work into more weight and range of motion with my legs I felt the strength coming back.  I used both the upper body and lower body workouts every day for two weeks. 

I am a regular golfer playing a minimum of three times a week and hitting balls a couple of days I don't play.  While I was playing in a club scramble approximately three weeks after working out on the ROM the distance I was getting off the tee was incredible.  I gained at least 20 yards and out drove my playing partners virtually every hole.  One of my teammates had won the club championship two years in a row and another player who hits long drives was stunned at how far I was hitting the ball...effortlessly, since I try to maintain a smooth tempo.  My handicap is 8.2 so the extra distance was giving me easy wedge shots into the greens. 


My wife and I both can attest to the ROM's benefits and do not regret our decision to make it a part of our workout routine.  We are both in our 50's and are excited about the added benefits you get from the ROM as opposed to other types of workouts.  We still cross train but the ROM has added a dimension to our workouts we never could have achieved otherwise.
Terry L. Alverson