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Alice I. - ROM Owner since 2004

Alice’s ROM Usage Results


What: The ROM is an exercise machine that is used exactly four minutes a day. On one day you sit and use the “rowing” side to work the upper body. The next day you use the “stepping” side to work the lower body.

Background: One day we saw an ad in the Aloha Airlines magazine that had the picture of the machine and a caption, “Exercise only four minutes a day.” It further said that if you do this, you would benefit with cardio-fitness, muscle strength and endurance as well as flexibility.

It goes against all conventional exercise rules as we were taught, so it seemed especially unbelievable. After ordering the free video and keeping an open mind, we actually rented the machine for a brief trial period.

Before and After Fitness Assessment: I wanted to know the tangible results, so I had a full fitness assessment done the week I started using the ROM as well as 45 days after.

Note: I have been a regular exerciser for about 20 years now. Prior to using the ROM I used the Stairmaster, jogged or did some other form of aerobic exercise about 3-4 times a week for 30-45 mins., engaged in light weight training about 3 times a week, and stretched after each exercise session for about 5 minutes or so. Occasionally I would take a yoga class.

Those of you who know me well, know that I used to be about 30 pounds heavier, and this is the reason why I needed to be diligent in my exercise through the years. I am not one of those “naturally thin” people, so I was a little nervous to give up my normal exercise routine but felt that was the only way to test the effectiveness of the ROM. In addition it was over the holidays where I traditionally gain at least a few pounds, which I usually have to put effort towards working off in January in February.

During the 45 days I was testing I was testing the ROM I did nothing else but use the ROM for four minutes a day. I did not even stretch before or after. Out of the 45 days, I missed 4 days.

Expectations: I thought that if the ROM could just help me maintain what I had, that would be amazing. The best part of this test was that I gained at least 10 hours per week, which made me so much more productive. I never really expected to find any gain in my fitness level. Following are the results:

Results after 45 days usage of the ROM

Weight and body fat: no change

Resting metabolic rate: (this is measured by a metabolic rate analysis machine called “ MetaCheck” by KORR Medical Technologies, Inc. The higher the number, the more calories the body burns at rest.)

Before: 1147 calories/day   After: 1282 calories/day

Resting Heart Rate: (The lower the better)

Before: 56

After: 53

Recover Heart Rate: (Shows recovery heart rate after exercise)

Beofre: 85

After: 80 (this is an improvement)

Resting Blood Pressure:

Before: 94/53 (considered almost too low as I am often dizzy)

After: 101/63 (my dizziness has decreased)

Girth measurements:

Pecs: gain of ¾ inch

Rib cage: loss of ¾ inch

Waist: loss of ¼ inch

Hips: no change

Arms: became equal girth. Before my right bicep was ½ inch larger than my left.

Thighs: became equal, before my right thigh was ¼ inch larger than my left.

Ankles: lost ¾ inch on both. (This one is strange)

Flexibility: Remained the same

Endurance: barbell curl – do reps until failure)

Before: 26 reps

After: 38 reps!!! This was amazing to me!