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Exercise in exactly 4 minutes per day!
Proudly Made in USA since 1990
Despite the very high price of the ROM360 machine, why is it the least expensive and most effective exercise a person can do?

This is a 5 minute promo video followed by a 9 minute video made in 2011 that shows our 44,000 sq/ft factory in California and all the manufacturing processes that are all done in-house. It also shows the manufacturer at age 70 showing his flexibility. He has used the ROM360 machine since 1990. The ROM360 is proudly made in America.

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Questions & Answers

1. How can you possibly get a cardio workout in only 4 minutes per day when almost all people, including many "experts" believe that a cardiovascular workout requires at least 20 to 45 minutes?

Read the interesting and very educational answer to this first question before moving on to some more questions that you may wish to ask such as:

3. Despite its very high price, how can you claim that the ROM is the least expensive method to get the same or even more results than people expect from 45 minute to 90 minute conventional exercise. Also, why is most other exercise equipment so useless? Exercise equipment that requires more than 4 minutes is not used by people. Only 8% of home exercise equipment is used. The 92% of home exercise equipment that is never used is useless because it is not used. The exactly 4 minute per day highly effective ROM360 exercise is used because it only requires 4 minutes of discipline.

Rent the ROM360 for a 30 day rental in your home to make certain that you will use it and also that you get all the health results that we advertise. The full rental deposit applies to the expensive purchase. Over 97% of the people purchase the ROM360 at the end of the 30 day rental. The machine comes completely assembled and will be installed anywhere in the home or office by the delivery people. The ROM360 makes for an ideal employee wellness program where employees are allowed to take a 4 minute exercise break during the day. No showers are needed and no special clothes. Employees get rid of diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain and many other health related issues.

Rent the ROM360 for a 30 day test in your home. Full rental deposit applies to purchase. Click below:

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