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Blog postings about the ROM

Following is a list of blogs we found on the internet. Most of them are negative opinions from the average self professed "experts" and a few of them are somewhat favorable toward the ROM. We are posting the links here so that potential ROM customers will have an opportunity to get a real example of the difficult process that products or services that sound too good to be true have to go through in order to finally find general acceptance in the marketplace. New concepts and products that sound too good to be true and that fly in the face of most "expert" knowledge are a marketing nightmare. The ROM is such a product and we have been "battling" the "experts" since 1990 when we first started manufacturing and selling the ROM. I have another project that is totally ignored by the "experts" in economics and by the media as well. It is a tax reform proposal and it is so totally different from the mainstream understanding of taxation that it will be ignored for many years to come before it will be ridiculed by the "experts" in economics and taxation. A few years of ridicule will have to be endured before the "experts" will start their vicious attacks for a few more years after which then slowly more and more "experts" will warm up to . Such is life when you want to create products and services that are way ahead of their time.

Here is a list of links to some blogs about the ROM. Quite interesting to read and trying to understan how "expert" minds work (or don't). Some of the blog entries are actually positive and are from people that have some true knowlege about the ROM and some have actually used the ROM and write from personal experience:



Comment section at the original post:


FULL TEXT VERSIONS with annotations:

 This link is fairly neutral and

H.I.T Fitness

A new gym opened recently in one of the office buildings not far from my office called H.I.T. It attracted me because ...

Just 4 minutes on our H.I.T Fit ROM Machine is equivalent to approximately 45 minutes of resistance training, 30 minutes of running, plus 20 minutes of stretching.

Sounds too good to be true?

I checked it out today at lunchtime. I did the full-body workout ... four minutes for lower body and four minutes for upper body.

The lower body part winded me and my legs felt it afterwards. The upper body part was good too. So I felt like I did a workout.

Because I'm going to be in school for two nights a week until the end of June, I thought this would be a convenient way to not miss a workout on these days. Or if I have plans at night.

But it's $600 for six months or $1000 for twelve months (for unlimited use). That's lot of $$ considering I also have a gym membership a block from home that I'm not giving up.

The other alternative is to get up early on those days and get in a workout before I head to work. Too bad I'm not a morning person ...

I heard about HITT but not in that sense, rather sprints on a treadmill however I am crazy enough that I must give this a try, Teena stop posting this stuff, I am a sucker you got me going to this and that spa ( which I WILL wear a bathing suit) LOL

2. A very strange blog with some very stubborn sarcasm and some experts digging a good sized hole for themselves.

Exhuming and extolling a shambling, overpriced corpse

Category: Health and Society
Posted on: March 2, 2007 7:47 AM, by Kevin Beck

Those of you who pay little or no attention to the "recent comments" menu in the left-hand sidebar may not have noticed that a post Jim wrote two and half months ago on the subject of a magic exercise machine available for $14,615 has only recently begun garnering attention from a staunch defender. For more background, see this post I made last month.

All I'm really asking for from Brian Lyons is a physiological explanation for how you can get a complete aerobic workout in four minutes -- on the ROM machine or anywhere else. As a marathon runner I would gladly substitute such handy sessions for the race-specific -- but, it seems, woefully inefficient -- training runs that typically exceed four minutes by a factor of 20.

I keep hearing from Brian about how scientists have been wrong before, and how in a bunch of years we'll all be eating our words, and how those who have used the machine just know they've spent their bucks wisely. I don't think it requires great range of mental motion to discern a pronounced similarity between this brand of evasiveness and "When Christ comes back you'll be sorry," "When you wind up in Hell you won't be laughing," and various references to Cambrian explosions, ultra-complex eyes, Darwin-Hitler cabals, and Piltdown man.

The rapidly lengthening comment string is quite entertaining by the humble standards of a blog not often targeted by cranks. Also, if you do some perfunctory online digging, you'll find out some interesting things about the ROM Machine's manufacturer.


Kev it's the burn baby. In regards to finding out some interesting things about folks do we have anyone else in mind to go Peter Gabriel (digging in the dirt)on them?

I don't think I have any proof for ya Kev and that should end it there.

Except that with shipping and tax it's $15,000 if it's a nickle. Also

There's a quicker way to get into shape
(Filed: 29/03/2005) The Telegraph, London.

Gym rats are wasting their time, says new research - fast and furious is better. Lucie Hoe reports
In a study conducted by sport scientists at the University of Glamorgan in South Wales, it was found that fitness enthusiasts who cut the time of their gym sessions by up to two thirds achieved the same results as those who plugged away for longer.

Untrue. Untrue.

"The results prove that it is counter-productive to spend hours at the gym, and that a shorter workout can achieve exactly the same results," says Dr Julien Baker

fake fake fake

Dr Baker's findings add credence to the fitness industry's predictions that "convenience workouts" are the way forward; in January, the American Council on Exercise suggested that "abbreviated fitness programmes" will be the exercise phenomenon of 2005. Key to their effectiveness, says Vicky Mahoney, a personal trainer at the Holmes Place Academy, is that you raise the intensity of your workouts to put in more effort over a shorter length of time. "It's not how long you slog away, but what you do with the limited time you have that counts,"

you see not from me.

a 4 minute workout with the ROM (range of motion) machine proven to work exceptionally well according to the fitness experts and athletes.

idiots idiots

American fitness experts such as Jorge Cruise, author of Eight Minutes in the Morning (Rodale Books) and Brad Pitt's personal trainer, Ken Hutchins, are forging a trend for weight-training sessions that last as little as eight minutes.

where does he come up with these toys?

most "experts" are finding these results "startling"

you don't.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 12:56 PM

brian you offer nothing useful in your comment. who are you?

Posted by: steve | March 2, 2007 01:16 PM

I'm Batman.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 01:18 PM

Brain, can you link us to the peer-reviewed published studies that prove the ROM is more effective than a longer workout?

Or pretty much anything that actually really suggests (no, not stories, anecdotes, or media releases) that the ROM machine isn't an over-priced coat-hanger?

Posted by: Shelley Batts | March 2, 2007 01:18 PM

Offering up scientific evidence for a couple of knotheads. That is what they wanted or do they disregard that also.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 01:19 PM

So let me see if I follow this. An article basically states that people have a tendency to waste time in gyms, which could easily be that people tend to putz around and NOT work out (something I'm sure every gym user has noticed) and you take that as proof that a certain machine which is used for only four minutes actually works? And we're the knotheads?

With logic like that, who ties your shoes in the morning?

Posted by: Jim | March 2, 2007 01:38 PM

I'm not sure what it is but I made this observation at another blog as well, is it me or does it seem like the wingnuttery woo filled alties are really making a push in all areas this week. I know they are always there but it seems to me that they are really out in force this week all over the place.

Anyway, I'd love for Brian to maybe make a coherent enough point, backed by relevant sources, to be able to respond to but so far we've got bupkis.

Posted by: Rev. BigDumbChimp | March 2, 2007 02:13 PM

Wait a sec, Brian. I thought we were talking about cardiovascular training. Forget the fact that whatever you cut and pasted -- Rodale fluff, names of personal trainers to the stars -- is probably garbage. Even if it wasn't, how do you justify extrapolating the alleged results of low-volume strength training to low-volume aerobic training?

They aren't quite the same thing, are they? I can get really good at push-ups and sit-ups bu doing eight minutes a day of them -- four of each. That's about 200 push-ups and 200-crunches.

Now tell me a way to condition my oxygen-transport system on only four minutes of added stress a day. I wouldn't even know how to go about designing such a program; it would be like trying to train a fighter pilot in an El Camino and some really loud Van Halen. You just don't understand what's necessary to induce enzymatic and neovascularizing and other peripheral changes, or stimulate an increase in stroke volume centrally.

More to the point, why the hell am I trying to be reasonable?

Posted by: Kevin Beck | March 2, 2007 02:28 PM

I believe it's the Surgeon general's job this week.

Let's try again. Whew! Your a tough crowd. Now this may help but then again it appears you make the comment and if you don't agree with your comment well let's just call me buckethead and leave it at that,

Nutrigenomics- a ground breaking concept (I know your not into ground breaking but what the hell it's snowing here)-THE SCIENCE OF HOW FOOD TALKS TO OUR GENES the dam little dna that most of the ROM owners have.

Now hold your breath but this science is startlying simple (why do Dr's and scientists call simple things "startling"), Food contains information and instructions for our bodies (don't worry I'll connect the dots) eat the right foods and send instructions of weight loss and health; eat the wrong foods and send messages of weight gain and disease.

There are 7 fundemental causes of obesity and one of the keys is to AVOID EXCESSIVE OR INSUFFICIENT EXERCISE. I sure you knew this.

Now let me see correct me if I'm wrong (or call me names that'll work also) the amount of oxygen your able to breathe per minute is directly tied to the number of calories you can burn per minute. So breathe more oxygen (hyperbolic chamber eh) you burn more calories. Well my little mitochondria just wasn't burning enough oxygen so I went to an EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST who provide me with a special (you could of guess that I was special couldn't you) exercise program.

This type of training helps the body become more effective at taking in oxygen, which in turn makes the muscle cells produce MORE mitochondria and makes the mitochondria more efficient. This helps me burn more calories, NOT ONLY WHEN YOU EXERCISE but when you're at rest as well. It increase your metabolic fire.

Now I don't know if any of you believe what is written by someone not named Jim or Kev but I believe all of that crap. I also believe the mitochondria, is the powerhouses of your cells. They are the parts or your cells that combine the calories you consume with oxygen and turn that mixture into energy, which is used to run everything in your body. Probably disputing this I reckon?

I believe they are responsible for keeping me alive. So the more mitochondria I have and the more efficiently they consume oxygen, the faster my metabolic rate, the easier it is for my body to burn calories, and the more energy I have. I know the answer for dramatically influencing both of these lies in one word.


When I increase my oxygen intake, I direct my mitochondria to process oxygen more quickly. So what most people (I won't point you out) don't realize is that those calories are only part of the story. The calories I burn when NOT exercising are just as important. By increasing the number and function of the mitochondria in my body, I increase my ability to burn calories at rest; hence you increase the amount of calories burned even while I sit typing this.

Now go back and read what the ROM claims and wha...lla you have my point.

Part 1

I would just wish instead of claiming this can't possibly work to try the machine not for 4 minutes but say 30 days. With as many americans needing help and direction it would help us all if you said hey it's overpriced but if it works for you great...if it gets you moving great. There are new advances in science and medicine that change at a rapid rate. What we knew 5 years ago could be supplanted and replaced 5 times over in the next decade. So sling those arrows boys I'm ready.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 02:46 PM

Hey Brian, thanks for taking the time to shoot down your own hypothesis concerning raising BMR. Yep, mitochondria are the little "cellular powerhouses", and by increasing their number, your body becomes more effective at utilizing oxygen, that is, performing aerobic exercise. All endurance athletes (or at least their coaches) know this. Now, what's the best way to improve said performance? Why, by doing that self-same thing (surprise-surprise)! We dumb science types even have a fancy name for it: It's called specificity of adaptation. That's why marathoners, cyclists, xc skiers and the like spend so much time "doing their thing". If you're looking to improve aerobic performance, you don't do it by endlessly working the CP system with repeated bouts of 20 second sprints.

Your own observation lends credence to the argument that one cannot derive 45 minutes worth of aerobic training from 4 minutes of exercise.

Thanks again.

Posted by: Jim | March 2, 2007 03:23 PM

Right on Brian! I had the ROM for 7 years and my doctor thinks I'm lying when I tell him that's all I use. Was a dedicated runner and wrestler before but not now. I get infinately more from the ROM and I also use the infrared sauna and that combination is a grand slam home run. After all it is spring training. What's up with all the crap their giving you, can't they handle a little difference of opinion? Keep giving hell and by the way 7 years no problems with the machine it keeps going and going so I highly reccommend it.

Posted by: Joe | March 2, 2007 03:25 PM

Brian: Look up "Internet Sockpuppet".

Joe: You are aware that we can check IP addresses, aren't you? I mean, you're aware now, right?

Posted by: Jim | March 2, 2007 03:35 PM

Jim that was you debating the concern of BMR I was with since beggining and now I've shot myself down. Go back my friend because it was you debating the "burn" from this machine after exercise correct?

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 03:36 PM

What happened to Joe?

Regarding the "burn", if you reread my post you will see that I specifically mentioned that basal metabolic rate is raised by an increase in muscle mass. Regarding the ROM, my claim was that the numbers given for increased post-exercise "burn" were way off base, and again, I see that you offer no support for those values.

Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Posted by: Jim | March 2, 2007 03:42 PM

and what will that show Jim. The holy grail. Doubting my opinion or doubting different computer use. These cubicles are so very small, I just couldn't help overhere my friend in distress. A hatchet job if there ever was I say. But if you want check Mr Brian's IP and mine.

Posted by: Joe | March 2, 2007 03:43 PM

it's still snowing and blowing clod from the east or is that the west no I think it's from the north.

Although the "sock puppet" concept has been applied to different sender names of the same e-mail account on different computers, such alternate IDs to identify a particular computer may not always be for deception.

There ya go

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 03:45 PM

and what do you show Jim.

Now that's some amazing shit. These guys have invented an exercise machine that doesn't really burn that many calories during use, but stimulates your body to burn calories when you're not exercising.

now Jim is that amazing shit your post?

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 03:48 PM

What would happen if I used this device four times per day at four minutes a pop?

You'd show your ignorant.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 03:49 PM

Apparently, besides working next to each other in very small cubicles (but wait, shouldn't they be uh, "working"?), both Joe and Brian went to the same school as neither can spell worth a damn and they also use the same grammatical structures. Just two peas in a pod?

C'mon Binkey, stop playing with it; just pull the chain and flush it.

Posted by: Jim | March 2, 2007 03:54 PM

So if I use more than one computer I'm in danger of offending socks? the cat? sorry I'm heading out for a run or wait better add some aerobics also.

but aerobics would be useless now wouldn't they?

gotta rev up those muscles

hey is there anything you don't know?

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 03:58 PM

you got a paid spell checker there?

Posted by: JOe | March 2, 2007 04:02 PM

Just curious is that you Jim dressed up like Mr. Big feet himself? Or is that just a friend of yours?

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 04:03 PM

As if this is a mystery, Brian and Joe are the same disturbed character.

Hey Brian, apart from your glorious and raucous inability to rise to a credible defense of the magical four-minute aerobic workout, do you really think thise is the kind of spokesmanship that's going to help sell more units? Does Alf ask you to behave like this? I tend to think he'd be ambivalent at best. Don't get me wrong, we can take a few petty insults from the rabble, but I don't know what you expect to accomplish other than...well, saying more wrong things, and more frustrated.

I think you've singlehandedly boosted our traffic today by 20%.

Posted by: Kevin Beck | March 2, 2007 04:13 PM

Wrong again inspector gadget. Couldn't be further..haha...from the truth. Check me again my friend cuz I left Joe at the office to get some work done. His of course mines all done which is why I can choose to involve him or tell him to stay out. I just can't believe that MF has a friggin ROM and didn't tell me as on Tuesday I'm driving over an hour to my aerobic lady friend to catch the buzz.

Please do some detective work on this sock puppet and tell me the IP address so I can find my way home. I'm sure if you'd like identically timed posts I could call him and we will come up with entertainment (maybe it'd go up 30% and by the way do "I" get paid for this? Oh wait I don't need the money because I can afford real expensive coat hangers.) Now Joe he needs money. Wife took him for most of what he was worth but he looks a hell of a lot better than he used to.

Guess he can thank the track for that. Wait he's buff from the bowflex soloflex trysanasorous rex machine. Can't be the ROM. That MF. Can't friggin believe that oh well. Let me know guys cuz this should be different unless I'm doing something terribly wrong.

As far a selling units from what I've heard and seen they do quite well despite the know-it-somes of the world. Check E-bay they go strong there average 11,500 to 12,500 used. Not bad. Maybe if ya bought a couple you could rise from your blogdom and aspire to type really big words.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 04:30 PM

Super super Tuesday. Now how am I gonna feel when I try that machine and just kick it's ass.

Jim, what is the best workout you've ever had. Hands down no questions asked.

Cuz Alfy baby has said you may knock the claim but ya don't bitch about the ride. Most say it's the most phenominal workout they have ever had. Now Jim just to clarify I still haven't tried the machine I just like getting you folks all a twitter about disagreeing with you. Now Joe has tried the machine I have not please keep it straight. Don't want you putting anything in my mouth try Shelley.

"Regular use of a sauna or steam bath may impart a similar stress on the cardiocascular system (as exercise), and its regular use may be as effective as a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning calories as regular exercise." W. Dean, "Effect of Sweating" The journal of the American Medical Association 1981 vol. 246, p.623.

You got a problem with that Fred? So if the above would be true...maybe I should wait until you give your date stamp of approval before continuing. You got that IP check done. Do I need to call JOe?

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 04:41 PM

So help me out here Jim & Kev. Are your fathers still alive? I would assume they'd be in their 70's if I'm correct.

Do toxins block my metabolism?

Do they interfere with my weight control mechanisms? Damage my mighty mitochondria? (which I just love because mine used to be homeless)

Are you familar with Dennis Johnson formally of the Boston Celtics who passed away recently? Terrible thing really this man who always pushed the limits of his endurance with long runs multiple sprints, I mean the guy was a great professional basketball player. Dead age 52. Must of wore his dam mitochondria right out. Apparant heart attack? Now giving all that has been given to me wouldn't one think that son of a bitch would have been in great shape? All that running, lifting, exercising. I know your not a doc but what do you think happened?

I'll post my feeling when and if you ever answer any of my questions. Like DJ, nanobac (love to rap on that), I won't list them all but there's more than one hanging out there. Or don't bloggers get paid to answer just paid to insult? Did ya check the IP yet. What did ya come up with cuz I have around 5 different businesses with puters that I can dazzle the IP hell out of ya. But the main work goes through a home office srver that is supposed to show as 1 IP but who really checks on that shit anyway. and I'm a horrible speller but thanks for confirming that. Fat fingers will kill you in this line of work.

Can't wait to hear a real reply.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 04:53 PM

Do you know why JOe spells his name that way? He's an idiot. HA! No we have 2 joes, go figure so he goes by JOe and the other is just plain joe.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 04:55 PM

Hey Kev I bet you a dollar to a dime that if you used the ROM before your next event (now you gotta keep doing your regular workout no sitting on the couch thinking this will work) as a supplement I'm told you'll blow your best time out of the water.

Hell it might even inspire you to write a follow-up

Running Strong with the ROM.

Just trying to help motivate.

Posted by: Brian | March 2, 2007 05:00 PM

Proof = independently verifiable fact. This can be tested, verified and falsified. Truth stands up to this type of scrutiny.

Anecdote = narrative experiential account. The problem with arguing based on anecdotal evidence is that it is not necessarily typical; only statistical evidence can determine how typical something is. Misuse of anecdotal evidence is a logical fallacy and does not constitute fact OR evidence.

Brian, still waiting on proof. Not anecdote. No more stories or diatribes. Just bald-faced scientific fact. Either you've got it, or can point us to it, or you can't. If you can't, your claims are baseless (yet quite entertaining.)

Posted by: Shelley Batts | March 2, 2007 05:02 PM