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Treadmills Are Useless.
Only about 8% of treadmills are useful.
Over 92% of people who own treadmills do not use them. Treadmills that are not used are useless. It is the same story with most other exercise equipment. People buy the equipment with great intentions of using it to improve their health and fitness, but then they do not use it. Of all the people who own exercise equipment only 8% of them are exercising. Healthclub memberships are faring not much better with only 12% of people who own healthclub memberships using their healthclub membership to gain health and fitness.

What is the problem? Why do we not exercise?
Are we too lazy to exercise? Do we lack the discipline to do 30 to 60 minutes of boring exercise per day? Do we lack the time to take 30 to 60 minutes per day out of our busy schedules so that we will restore and maintain our health?

Surprise, it is not lack of time or discipline
The real reason is that the cost of exercise is prohibitive to most people. They can overcome the cost in monetary terms and buy a piece of exercise equipment or they buy a healthclub membership. Then after exercising just a few times, they find out that the cost in terms of time is totally unrealistic. People avoid doing inefficient activities. Anything that consumes lots of time and has unimpressive results. Electric kitchen gadgets have the same problem as exercise equipment. Most of them are not used. The most efficient kitchen gadgets are coffee grinders and coffee brewing machines and blenders. They clearly save a lot of time. To do the same work without them is far more time consuming and labor intensive. Other kitchen machines take more time to clean up after use than what they save in time during use. Exercise has had no time efficient equipment before 1990 when finally the 4 minute per day ROM machine appeared on the market.

The 4 minute ROM. Still ridiculed by most experts
After many years on the market now, since 1990, the ROM is still treated today like the round Earth was treated in the Middle Ages when people believed the Earth to be flat. Most so called "exercise experts" are not to be blamed for their disbelief about the 4 minute per day ROM exercise machine. Everything about the ROM flies in the face of most of their firmly held beliefs. Most of these "experts" will not even bother to try the ROM for 4 minutes to see whether it actually works as advertised. Yet the most skeptical "experts" turn into instant believers in only 4 minutes on the ROM. The ROM indeed delivers very unbelievable and most astounding results in only 4 minutes per day.

The ROM delivers all this in 4 minutes per day:
    1. The cardio benefits from 20 to 45 minutes aerobics
    2. The toning/strength benefits of 45 minute weight training.
    3. The flexibility benefits of 20 minutes stretching.
The ROM is the absolute most effective exercise equipment
The expense of exercise must be measured in Cost per usein terms of money and in cost of time. The reality is that time is the most important factor in success or failure of an exercise program. With conventional exercise equipment only 8% of owners succeed to be on an exercise program. With the highly effective 4 minute ROM, more than 85% of its owners are on a daily 4 minute exercise program. That is over 10 times the success rate of personal exercise programs with treadmills or with other conventional exercise equipment.

Cost of exercise.
Cost of exercise must be measured as COST PER USE in terms of money and more importantly in terms of time. The ROM costs less than 20 cents per 4 minute use and of course the 4 minutes is far less cost of time than any other exercise program that yields such impressive results from only 4 minutes that normally would require 60 to 90 minutes of varous exercise routines.

Be realistic. In real life, treadmills installed at home do not often need service and they last forever because 92% of them are rarely used because the time investment is too high. Imagine what would happen to teethcleaning if it would require 30 minutes per day. For that reason people are better off buying a cheap treadmill because most of them will use it maybe only 20 times or so and then a $1500 treadmill costs them $75 per use and a $5000 treadmill would cost them $250 per use. Better yet, they could buy a used treadmill in the classifieds. There is all kinds of exercise equipment for sale with headlines reading: "Brand new, used only 3 times" or "Still in original box, never used" etc.

Cost of money and cost of time. The cost of money is easily paid by all who purchase exercise equipment. The cost of time however is the stumbling block. The reason why 92% of home treadmills are not used is that people are not willing to pay the cost of time of the 20 to 45 minutes it takes for a treadmill exercise.

The best bargain for success. The best bargain in exercise equipment today costs $14,615 and lasts at least 80,000 uses and requires only 4 minutes per total cross-training exercise, exactly 4 minutes no more no less. This means that it costs less than $0.20 for each 4 minute use and, of course, the exercise is done every day because it requires only 4 minutes per day. The short 4 minutes is the reason why people can discipline themselves to stick with the exercise program. Specially when those 4 minutes deliver the same or better results as from 20 to 45 minutes treadmill exercise, PLUS 45 minutes of weight training PLUS 20 minutes of flexibility exercises. Hard to believe but absolutely true.

Cross-training Effective personal health maintenance should include all three components of a well rounded exercise program:
Cardio training for stamina to benefit heart, lungs and blood circulation
Muscle resistance training for strength.
Flexibility training for limberness to benefit joints

Only cardio exercise. A treadmill in its 20 to 45 minute use only delivers the cardio component of a well rounded cross-training exercise program and it alone requires already 20 to 45 minutes. To do a body justice a person would need to add 45 minutes resistance strength training and 15 to 20 minutes stretching for flexibility.

Time and discipline. The trouble with exercise is both time and discipline. Time and discipline to do exercise every day. Decades of encouragement, magazine articles, books, video tapes, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and other government programs, all this prodding and encouragement has not changed the dismal statistics on exercise.

No change in statistics. 92% of people who own exercise equipment do not use it. 88% of people who own healthclub memberships do not use them. What is the main reason why they do not exercise? The reason is that we just cannot discipline ourselves to devote 60 minutes of time to exercise per day. We cannot discipline ourselves to do 30 minutes or 15 minutes of exercise per day.

The 4 minute solution. Now, if there were an exercise of only 4 minutes per day, that promises to deliver at least the same results as a conventional 60 minute workout, then there would be a reasonable chance that most people could discipline themselves to exercise every day.

There is such equipment. There is such an exercise. It comes in the form of a fantastic piece of exercise equipment called ROM (stands for Range of Motion). There are still over 10% to 15% of ROM owners who cannot discipline themselves to do 4 minutes of exercise per day. Their excuse is that they travel a lot in their business or profession and are not home enough to take full advantage of their ROM. They say however that it is very easy to start back up on a 4 minute exercise program. Of course the rest of the family members that do not travel get the full benefit of the ROM.

Seems expensive but is very inexpensive. The big problem with this machine is that 4 minutes sounds too good to be true and the other problem is the high sticker price. The machine is guaranteed to survive at least 80,000 uses and that works out to under $0.20 per use and that is much cheaper than a treadmill. The problem is that you you have to pay up front for the 80,000 uses and that would take a family of 4 more than 54 years to use up. In a business with 100 employees the ROM would last at least 4 years without the need of overhaul or repair.

Not a novelty. The ROM has been manufactured since 1990 and when you order one today you have to wait between 4 and 7 weeks for delivery depending on how many machines the manufacturer has on the waiting list.

Very expensive, yet the least expensive At $14,615 the ROM ranks with the most expensive exercise equipment available. It is however the absolute least expensive equipment if measured by per-use-cost and by cost-of-time for results.

Time to take responsibility? So, if your health has deteriorated to a point where it would be wise to invest $14,615 of prevention to increase the quality and quantity of your remaining life, there is this fantastic breakthrough in exercise physiology. Tested and proven and written about:
  • University of Southern California 8 week study.
  • Time Magazine half page article.
  • Newsweek third page article.
  • Wallstreet Journal frontpage financial section.
  • Vogue three page article.
  • Xtra TV program 2 minute feature.
ROM has been in several feature films such as "Richie Rich" and "Men in Black"
Popular Science Prize in 1992 for "The Best of What's New." Same year PopSCi Prize for "The Best of What's Best".
Too hard to believe. Another big problem is that not many people pay any serious attention to a 4 minute workout machine. It sounds so bogus and too good to be true. People who can take a "Leap of Faith" to give the ROM a 30 day try on the factory's 30 day rental program will become ROM owners based upon the impressive results they get during the 30 day rental. We only get 3% of the machines returned from the rental and we lose about $800 and a $185 shipping crate for each returned ROM machine. Rental applies to purchase and the returned rentals receive a $1000 refund from the $2500 rental deposit. The returned machines are sold as "slightly used" and are discounted $800 to local Los Angeles customers who are on the waiting list.

A brand new ROM is used for rentals since 97% of the rented machines are bought at the end of the 30 day rental period.

Free video and literature. We mail out a free video and literature. Very informative. To order a free video and literature click on "Order FREE VIDEO" fill in the video request form and see for yourself that a 4 minute per day workout is all it takes to get you in good health and to maintain that health.