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Questions from Michael Norris. Not the kind of leading questions we often get from

From: Alf Temme <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 20:08:27 -0800
To: "Michael W. Norris"
Conversation: Serious answers
Subject: Serious answers


This was one of the more detailed and frank emails I have received over the years, sharing your health history or rather illness history, because with all the meds you are taking illness is indicated. A lot of people will write me about health problems that a friend of theirs has but they do not always stay in character in their writing and it becomes clear that they are really talking about themselves.

I will use your email below to insert answers and comments within your text.

From: Michael W. Norris
Sent: Sun 12/31/2006 2:31 AM
To: Alf Temme
Subject: Michael 2 Alf: serious questions

Good morning, Mr. Temme,

        I have been running across your ads for the ROM now for about 10 years or so.  And while I always found it an interesting read, the price tag just blew me away.  But I have always been intrigued by your unique industrial design and the fact that you are still in business.
COMMENT: The price has never been negotiable (takes a lot of agony out of the sales process) and it should not bother you after you do the math to find out that despite its impressive price, it actually is the absolute least expensive way to do exercise. It is not just the hardware you are buying, it is the method (software) that brings the timesaving service into being and delivers the utility of it. I will purchase for example a CNC tube and bar bender for $180,000 and I am looking at maybe $12,000 worth of steel and hydraulic and electrical gear in such machine. What persuades me to purchase the CNC bending machine is its UTILITY.It allows me to bend bars for the ROM with speed and a high degree of accuracy without much room for operator failure. Most consumers have no clue about the economics of utility. In your offering of services to your clients you basically supply clever operating instructions for people's businesses, so that they will be able to increase the utility of their business assets. We deliver not only the methods or operating instructions to people for getting more utility out of their primary asset, their body, but we also deliver a very clever piece of hardware with which to implement the methods for improving the body's utility.

        On 07 May 2004 my life, and now much of my skepticism was changed in a fairly dramatic way.  I had a heart attack while playing a doubles tennis match at my tennis club in Altadena, CA (Altadena Town & Country Club).  I was too disconnected from my body to actually understand what was happening to me, but thankfully one of my tennis partners noticed the signs of such heart problems and rushed me to the emergency room at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.  I was immediately scheduled for a quadruple by-pass, spent five hours in surgery and now have lived to tell about it.  Remarkably, there was no damage to my heart muscle.  Only a re-plumbing of my arteries and I’m good to go.
COMMENT: Michael, from reading the rest of your email, it does not appear that you are all that much "good to go" when I read about all the meds that you are taking. When through effective exercise you improve your health to the point that you do not need the meds any more, then you are "good to go" for as many years more as you can get out of your "hardware". Let's face it, we are not coming out of this one alive. There is a finite amount of "mileage" we are going to get out of our bodies. The idea is that it should be a comfortable and pleasant ride for the remainder of the mileage left for us. Careful driving and good maintenance will give us extra mileage at higher driving comfort.

        Or am I?  It is now two and a half years later and I am still on four medications to control blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, and inflammation.  I have not lost any significant weight (218 lbs @ 5’ 10” with about 23% - 25% body fat).  I have good nutrition, eat reasonably healthy most of the time, play competitive doubles tennis (USTA 4.0 ranking), and belong to the Pasadena Equinox Fitness Club in Pasadena.  I also work about 12 – 14 hours a day running my own consulting business coaching owner/CEOs to grow themselves and their businesses.  I have been in this business for 21 years, have a masters in psychology/strategic studies/organizational development and am currently working on completing a Ph.D. In HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP.  I share all of this background for one simple reason, I want you to get a feel for who I am and how NECESSARY I think it is for me to get fit for the final time in my life before I do not have a life to get fit in.
COMMENT: From 16 years worth of ROM owner feedback we have learned that you should be able to get off all the meds above mentioned. This is not particular to our ROM machine that you should be able to get off the meds. Any other form of effective exercise should be able to accomplish it. The way ROM owners have gotten off meds is by gradually testing lower dosages and skipping med days until they could do without them according to monitored testing. For the acid reflux you might take a natural nutritional substance MSM for awhile because it does remarkable things for digestion and many other processes as well. A lack of this substance in your body prevents all kinds of natural body processes to be executed correctly:

        I coach 35 CEOs every month, much like yourself, who own small to mid-size businesses, all privately held, ranging from $5 million in sales to $250 million in sales.  So I have read your entrepreneurial story with not only great interest, but some understanding of what it takes to hang in there with a dream / mission / purpose that you not only believe in, but are willing to bet your mortgage on for the promise of success and also making a small dent in the Universe.  I do know what your journey has been, if I read your story correctly. COMMENT: There are equally important projects with which I am endeavoring to shake things up a little on this comparatively incredibly small speck of matter floating somewhere in the Universe. In relation to your profession, you might enjoy two of them:  and  If you like it well enough you might even want to become a fellow (I got that domain name to get Arnold interested in my tax reform plan).

        While the data, the independent research, and your direct approach to marketing is impressive, it was the HONESTY that shown through all of your literature on your website that finally moved me to write you.  Your very matter-of-fact presentation of your marketing history, the “what’s worked and what hasn’t worked” is not just refreshing, but downright inspiring in its own developmental way.  So, all of this is to say, I believe you and your claims.  I have done enough research to verify the results of “HIIT” and understand how and why it works.
COMMENT: So you fell for all the honesty. What a sales "trick" this honesty. It is actually more a form of bluntness that says that I am not going to help people in their purchasing decision. They have to get to that point on their own steam. I will not only supply as much positive information but also negative opinions about the ROM that will enable people to form themselves an opinion whereby they can take that "leap of faith" to rent the ROM for 30 days to make absolutely certain that it is not a big old hoax AND to experience what the ROM will accomplish over a few weeks of time PLUS to find out whether they can still find excuses for not doing a 4 minute exercise per day.  

        I am, by my analysis, right in the middle of your customer profile demographic.  As a 59 year old aging athlete, with one surgically repaired knee and a repaired heart, who’s body mass lean-to-fat ratio is way out of balance and has increasingly less and less time to go to the gym and get my five 60+ minute workouts per week, I am at the front end of the baby boomers (born in 1947) who are beginning to get very worried about how to recover my fitness and then maintain it as I approach 60.
COMMENT: Many of our ROM customers seem to do the typically human thing of becoming interested in preventive maintenance by the time we are in nead of repair. I am one of these myself, because I only became interested in exercise after I had a heart attack at age 35 (no hospital no operation no check-ups) and now at 65 I am way ahaed of other 65 year olds and unfortunately I am also way ahead of even many 35 year olds in terms of health, strength, flexibility and stamina. Yet I could still do with a bit lower fat percentage.

        All of your assertions about the lack of fitness discipline, ever-increasing time constraints, and slow but steady muscle loss are very much true for me.  That part of your marketing message hit the sweet spot of my ever-increasing belly.  So I read with growing interest about the levels of resistance to take the leap of faith you know that is necessary in order to purchase your machine.  I can also empathize with a business that requires a leap of faith to sell a product or in my case a service.  CEOs who work with me, must at some point take that leap of faith in order to get the “experience” of 200% -- 500% ROI for membership dues of $12k/year.  And like your experience, if I can get my CEOs to give it a try, they stay with me for an average of 15 years or until they cross the finish line and retire (pro-tire actually — none of you guys ever really cash it in and just play golf for the last quarter of your life, that is way too boring).  But I digress.
COMMENT: At this point reading your email I was afraid that you would propose a trade of your services for a ROM machine, but fortunately that did not happen, because I get so many of those kind of "let's make a deal" offers that could almost absorb 25% of our total production.
Here are my questions for you:

        Since I am on various heart medications, and one of those meds seeks to put a “governor” on my upper heart rate, it is impossible for me to get my heart rate much above 140 bpm.  So what is the effect of your HIIT workout going to have on me while I am under this chemical restraint?  (Clearly, it is my intention to get off the meds when appropriate and I am hoping that your machine will facilitate that result.)
COMMENT: It seems then that "they" put you on a so called "beta blocker" that limits the upper range to which your heart-rate will go. I believe that the idea is to limit the upper ranges of distolic blood pressure to prevent aneurisms and negatives resulting from those such as strokes and other uncontrollable internal bleeding. The nasty reality in this is another one of my discoveries:  . That law dictates that you have to place a demand on any living tissue or system if you wish to improve it. But the demand must be such that things do not get "broken beyond repair". That is a catch 22 proposition because how do you know what kind of a demand will do the job and what would be an over-demand. The fortunate thing is that any demand above a certain intensity will at least deliver some small results. The results diminish exponentially with a decrease of demand. An example of such exponentially diminishing results is in muscle strength building. If the demand of a strength training muscle exercise is only at 95% of its maximum work capacity then the resulting strength increase hovers near only 50% of what it could be if 100% of its maximum work capacity were to be engaged. If only 50% of a muscle's work capacity is engaged the resulting strength increase will be only around 5% to 10%. So, by protecting people from a potential danger, you will also prevent them from being able to improve as much as they can and often you will almost guarantee additional deterioration. Protection is a form of "socialism" all of which is contra-indicated by my UniversalDemandLaw. Life is the most unstable form of matter and it is constantly drifting to the most stable form of matter (inanimate). Illness is an accelerator of that process and exercise and a healthy lifestyle are decelerators. Sometimes exercise and good nutrition are actually able to bring matter temporarily to a higer degree of instability (better health, longer life).

        2.  Do you have data / research on ROM owners (or lab results) of by-pass recovery patients who have had success with your machine and program?
COMMENT: No data, no research, no lab results. Only feedback from ROM owners and ROM users that have used the ROM for cardiac rehab after heart surgery. One man in Maryland reported using the ROM for cardiac rehab because he did not have the time and patience to go for the rehab program at his hospital. But he did go for the 6 week periodic check-ups to monitor his progress. On the first such check-up the rehab department staff was very impressed with his good progress and said that what he was doing on his own at home put him way ahead of what he would have been doing with visiting the hospital rehab program. And they asked him what he did at home that gave him such good results. He told them that he did the 4 minutes of exercise per day on this machine he bought. They had a little laugh and assured him that 4 minutes really would not have given him these results, but they said that whatever it was that he was doing, that he should continnue doing it because of the good result he was getting. On subsequent 6 week check-ups similar accelerated results were observed and he gave the rehab staff literature and the DVD on the ROM and invited them to his home to have a look and try out the ROM. They never showed up and we here at the factory have not heard from them either. We have contacted some hospitals around LA and suggested the ROM for their rehab departments, but absolutely nothing has happened so far. You might as well bang your head against a concrete wall. Exercise professionals are extremely arrogant. Have a look at a blog with mostly "experts". We are posting that ignorant blog on our website. It is hilarious how stereotipically they are behaving. Have a look: These are the type of people that also are staffing hospital rehab departments. They have degrees as exercise physiology and they have certifications from A.C.E. and other impressive titles. Go figure.

         3.  I just barely have enough space in my home to house this beast of yours, so while the 30 day try-before-you buy sounds enticing,  I would love to come over to your factory showroom and at least give it a test drive.  I would hate to waste your time and my time only to discover that it doesn’t really “work” for my particular body and health history.  I have a life long history of pulling hamstring muscles, so I am somewhat concerned when I see the extreme stretch that appears to be involved in the full range of motion in your short video.  I will know once I get on it, whether my hamstrings will survive the motion or not.
COMMENT: A single 4 minute test-drive will not do you much good. You can come over to our factory showroom as many times as you want. We are actually running a free of charge health club and a few people are taking advantage of it. Most of them peter out because of the time consumption for their commute.

       Clearly, if your machine produces the intended results, the ROI is off the charts for me.  You cannot put a price on the extension of a healthy life and lifestyle.  So I look forward to receiving your video and viewing it with rigorous interest.  From there I would like to come by your showroom in North Hollywood and give it a test drive, if that is possible and while I’m there, I’d like to meet you if you have the time.
COMMENT: Trying it one time will only show you that you get a whopper of a workout in 4 minutes. It does not prove to you what it will do for your health (or against illness) over a period of a few weeks. You should plan on at least 3 trips per week for about 3 weeks to our factory showroom to know what the ROM will do over time.

Hope that you will get as much benefit out of reading my answers as I got out of writing them. They were good questions deserving of good answers. They were not the stupid leading questions that I so often get from "expert" wise guys. If you would not mind, I would like to post your email with these answers here on our website as well, followed in the future perhaps by your further experiences after having tried and used the ROM for awhile. It may help others to take that 30 day rental leap of faith.

Alf Temme
ROM Manufacturer

With hope and intention,
Definitely revin’ in 2007,


    Please feel free to use anything I send to you in our conversations and Q & A in any way that you choose.  You are a person who obviously WALKS HIS TALK and are out to make a difference in the world.  

    I will get back to you in more detail later  in the next couple of days.