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Justifying the purchase of a ROM machine

Here are some justifications that show the ROM to be the least expensive way to exercise:

1. In my case: I am 65 and my wife Pam is 63 (dec 2006) and we are hoping that we can together use the ROM another 18,000 times before we become the "dearly departed" (hopefully about 9000 times each). We know from commercial uses of the ROM in health clubs that they have endured at least 150,000 uses without need of repair or overhaul, and they keep going. So we really do not know yet how long they ultimately will last. But let us assume only the 18,000 uses that we two will use and divide those 18,000 uses into the $14,615 price of the ROM. The cost per use is then $0.81 per use in terms of money and a cost of 4 minutes in time. There is no less expensive exercise anywhere, anyway. Try any other method of exercise with equipment that costs maybe less than one cent per use, but costs about 20 minutes of time. I take 81 cents and 4 minutes anytime over 1 cent and 20 minutes. Besides the results from the 4 minutes are superior than from other forms of exercise. We do not even know of any forms of exercise that can be done in even as little as 20 minutes that deliver the results that 4 minutes on the ROM deliver, because the ROM delivers muscle strength improvement, flexibility improvement and on top of that very impressive cardio benefits. Health clubs are much worse at much more time wasted. Home exercise equipment does not fare much better.

2. An important point is that the likelyhood that a person will do a 4 minute workout is much greater than doing a 30, 60 or 90 minute workout with likely less results than the 4 minutes on the ROM. Therefor the best exercise is the exercise people will actually do. Only 8% of people that have home exercise equipment use it. Only 12% of people that own health club memberships go to the health club. We did a survey in 2003 by calling people who had owned their ROM for at least one year. We called them and spoke to them: "Hi, I am calling you to find out about your regular use of your ROM machine. Are you using your ROM at least 4 times per week for 4 minutes? If the answer was just in the slightest way hesitant we marked it down as a non-user. Like reluctantly "yeah most of the time" NON USER. "Not allways" NON USER. Only people that answered something like "You're darn right I do and I hate the thing" USER. "I use it 6 times a week" USER. "It is the greatest machine ever" USER etc. The result: There were over 85% regular users and that is amazing because it is more than 10 times as many as for normal home exercise equipment. Only 8% of normal home exercise equipment gets used on a regular basis. The ROM does more than 10 times as well with over 85% users. But that still means that between 10% and 15% of ROM owners are able to find an excuse for not using their ROM machine. That is one of the reasons why people should reant the ROM for 30 days to find out whether they have at least the discipline to use their ROM machine for 4 minutes per day. Of course if they fail with a 4 minute workout I don't know what else they could possibly succeed with.

3. The major prevention method against illness is exercise. Illness is very expensive and medication is also. Read the testimonials ( to see how people's health improves with the ROM and about the medications they no longer need.