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Sit-Ups are a Waste of Time
The abdominal muscles (abs) are muscles just like any other muscle of your body. When you train a muscle it will become stronger and tighter. for example, if you begin training your biceps muscles with light barbell curls then your biceps will become stronger and tighter.

The abdominal muscles are no different. If you begin training your abdominal muscles with sit-ups (or any other type of abdominal exercise) then your abdominal muscles will become stronger and tighter.

However, your new stronger and tighter abdominal muscles will still be buried beneath layers of fat tissue so you won't be able to see them, and that's why sit-ups are of little use for trimming your waistline. Sit-ups are useless because they can only strengthen and tighten tour abdominal muscles, but those muscles are still located beneath a layer of fat tissue on your stomach.

Your abdominals will never be noticeable until you burn away the fat that is covering them up. Making your abs stronger and tighter is not the same thing as burning away the fat tissue which sits on top of your abs. Those are two totally different things.

Here is another way to explain it . .

When you see overweight people they not only have fat on and around their midsection. They have fat on their face and neck too. So, when a fat person loses fat, that person will not only lose fat from the stomach area and hips, but also from face and neck and will look noticeably slimmer.

This is true because fat tissue can only be metabolized away from all over your body at the same time. in more or less equal amounts.

There are only two ways to burn fat:
1) by eating properly
2) by exercising properly

There simply is no such thing as spot reducing.

"Spot reducing" means to get rid of fat from "one" specific part of the body. Fat can only be removed from the body in more or less equal amounts from all fat tissues in the body. For example, if you lose 5 pounds the pounds will come from all over the body in small amaounts (thighs, hips, buns, arms, back, face, etc.).

You would not lose the 5 pounds from just "one" specific area of the body such as the fat sitting on top of your abdominal muscles.