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The Myths of Fatloss
How to Lose Fat in 4 minutes per day

To understand how to lose fat you first need to understand how and why you have gained fat in the first place. Most people believe that they have gained fat because they ate too much fat or ate too much food. That is a stubborn myth and it does not explain why some people can eat like horses and will not get fat.

The main reason why people get fat is that their daily lives do not include sufficient muscular activity that will maintain their muscle mass intact. The average inactive person loses a pound of muscle per year after age 25 because they generally lead less active lives after they get married and settle down. People who lead lives that maintain their muscle mass, like the Amish do, are not fat and they enjoy healthy and long lives. The Amish live and work like they lived 150 years ago, frozen in time and devoid of all modern conveniences. As such they perform a lot of physical labor that maintains their muscle mass intact.

The body has two types of calorie burning metabolism, active metabolism and passive metabolism. Active metabolism consumes calories during muscular work performance and it requires muscular activity. Passive metabolism results when muscle mass is stimulated to burn calories 24 hours per day. A pound of muscle can passively metabolize an average of 55 calories per 24 hour period. If the muscle mass is not stimulated to do passive metabolism it will metabolize no more than 5 calories per pound per 24 hour period. To stimulate passive metabolism in muscle mass to burn more than 5 calories per pound of muscle per day you must stretch the muscle under load to a point where the muscle fiber becomes slightly traumatized. An additional benefit of slightly traumatizing muscle fiber is that the muscle will be maintained and even will grow and get stronger. Not ever traumatizing and using the muscle will result in muscle loss. That is most apparent when you have a leg in a cast and you see that you have lost a lot of muscle when the cast comes off.

The only two methods known by the general public to lose fat apparently are diets and long duration low level activity such as walking, jogging, aerobic exercise etc. These are methods that address the symptom (the accumulated fat) and do not address the primary cause of the fat accumulation. The primary cause of fat accumulation is the loss of muscle mass and the resulting lower metabolism. Following is a link that will more exactly explain

A major problem with understanding the fat problem is that people call it a weight problem. People who say that they are maybe 35 pounds overweight are actually most likely 60 pounds overweight on fat and 25 pounds underweight on muscle. The best exercise to solve the fat problem is to be found at

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